Elcano rises with the victory after the final stage against Hermosilla and Perez Llorca

Last weekend took place in Villena La Salle Foundation, the seventh Football Tournament of Auxadi where some of the largest law firms in the country strove to give the best of themselves during the two days of competition.

On Saturday, the different teams met in the group stage trying to get a ticket to the final. After an intense day, Elcano got the entrance to the triangular final, leading group A. Meanwhile, Hermosilla and Pérez Llorca did the same in B and C groups, respectively, setting a final of three clubs and generating high competitive expectations.

On Sunday morning Elcano proclaimed themselves winners of the two matches, obtaining the Championship title of the VII Football Tournament of Auxadi. Hermosilla achieved the second place and Perez Llorca the third one.

This year’s tournament edition ended up with the prize-giving caremony. This final has meant the starting signal for the new season, in which, after a year of competition in different leagues, the teams will meet again to participate in the eighth edition of this traditional football tournament.