The local Internal Revenue Service (SII) completed, last July 23rd, the development and publication of the policies linked to the Tax Reform launch. This process includes the publishment of fifty newsletters with instructions, explanations and practical examples that will help the correct implementation of this new legislation and its correct application and receptiveness by the taxpayers, including matters that will take effect from next commercial year 2017.

The end of this implementation phase of the law N°20.780 has supposed for the SII a technical and professional largescale effort. This phase has been finished in record time, considering the importance of the challenge.

SII has worked in the juridical-normative area, modifying the neccesary Resolutions and Instructions, and doing the needed adjustments to the Forms and Affidavits. Considering the immediate implementation of some of the rules, certain internal procedures have also needed to be changed: IT suitability, internal training systems implementation and the participation of the employees into Seminars, Congresses and Workshops related to the dissemination of the matters included in the Tax Reform.

The SII website ( has created a special site dedicated to the Tax Reform, where the taxpayers can find all the legal information related to the new legislation. This website has received by now 188.000 visits, showing that SII has built a very good communication channel with the taxpayers.