The Ministry of Economy announced that in the period from January to June of this year, Mexico attracted 13.749 million dollars in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), representing an increase of 41.3% from the preliminary figure for the same period 2014 (9732.5 million dollars).

The report states that during the second quarter 5.419 million dollars were collected, 135.2% higher than the preliminary figure for the same quarter of the last year (2303.9 million dollars) and 14% above from the average of the preliminary figures of the second quarters with this indicator.

The federal authority specified that the figure for the first half of 2015 is the result of the sum of 16,286.2 million dollars in inflows, minus 2536.5 million recorded as decreases in FDI.

Among the inflows, it stands out a transaction of 2.037 million, resulting from the acquisition of shares in telecommunication companies, Iusacell and Unefon by AT & T made during the first quarter.

The FDI registered during the first six months of 2015 came from 2,233 companies with foreign capital and it is comprised as follows:

►► By type of investment (source of funding): 52,7% through reinvestment of profits, new investments by 38,9% and 8,4% for intercompany accounts.
►► By sector: manufacturing 41,4%, mass media information 19,1%, financial services 14,4%, commercial sector 10,8% and construction 8,8%. The remaining 12 sectors picked up 5,5%.
►► By country: United States 49,9%, Spain 9,9%, Japan 6,5%, Netherlands 6,2% and France 5,7%. The remaining 63 countries accounted for the remaining 21,8%.