What is the Research Tax Credit (CIR)?

The CIR is a tax incentive for research and innovation. It aims to increase the capacity of R & D and business innovation. The CIR is determined after defining the eligible R & D projects for the determination of the tax base formed by the expenditure of R & D (including staff costs, purchase of external R & D services, amortization of R & D equipment, etc.).

An aid strongly favors the recruitment of young doctors

The Finance Regulation 2008 (1) increases the incentive to focus the skills of young doctors on R & D positions by increasing its weight in the base of R & D expenses of the business. Hiring a young doctor has an immediate and significant impact on the company CIR.

What conditions must be followed to benefit from this advantage?

The provision states that this measure is applicable in case of hiring a person with a doctorate and under the following conditions:

• It has to be his/her first contract in indefinite right after obtaining the doctorate degree
• The average number of employees of the company should not be lower than the previous year.