On June 17th, 2015 it was published the Decree-Law No. 108/2015 being the third amendment of the Employment and Support Program to the Qualification of people with Disabilities first published in the Decree Law No. 290/2009 and subsequently amended by law No. 24/2011and No. 131/2013. Among the main objectives of this program, are the reinforce of the support taking into account the difficulty of admission and progression of people with disabilities in the labor market, as well as increase the costs related to their workplace.

Some of the innovations introduced by this third amendment are focused on objetives levels a modalities and stages of training of the professional qualification, as well as in terms of updating and strengthening the financial amounts.

The program includes various areas, which are divided and regulated by modality:
• Qualification support
• Support for integration, maintenance and re-integration into the labor market (modalities: support for placement, follow up post-placement, provision of financial support, adaptation of jobs and elimination of architectural barriers)
• Supported Employment (modalities: stages and employment contracts for job-insertion, sheltered employment and employment based on the open market)
• Inclusive Employer Brand, with allocation of public distinction to companies that adopt inclusive practices
• Vocational rehabilitation Centers and Reported management
• Resource centers
• Investment support to vocational rehabilitation entities
• Forum for Professional Integration