Subsidies for activities promoting self-employment, social economy and social responsibility of business are intended to cover operating costs of self-employed associations, cooperatives, labor companies, insertion companies and other representative bodies of the social economy at state level, which are subject to approval at the 2015 call in order to also facilitate compliance with the entities’ aims.

Financial activities at state level will be covered by Article 3.1 of the Order ESS / 1338/2013 laying down the rules governing this call.

The following activities will be eligible at state level:

1. Support and advice to entrepreneurs, freelancers and social economy promoters.
2. Programs to promote entrepreneurial culture, self-employment, social economy and social responsibility of companies.
3. Communication and outreach campaigns aimed at promoting self-employment, social economy and social responsibility of companies through any media, including new technology information and communications in the context of development about measures of the “Strategy of Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment 2013-2016”
4. Preparation and publication of studies, work documentation, analysis & research and other similar activities.
5. Training activities designed to initiate, develop and qualify the knowledge of self-employment, social economy and corporate social responsibility.
6. Organization of conferences, seminars, presence at fairs and other similar activities, with public call for carrying out the activity.

The deadline for submitting applications shall be of twenty business days from the day following the publication of this notice in the “Official State Gazette”