In 2014, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) issued over 150 thousand resolutions on profit sharing for the benefit of workers, but also the STPS will provide advice to companies for them to meet this obligation.

The “Comisión Intersecretarial para la Participación de Utilidades” established the commitment to strengthen the activities implemented, such as incrementing operational inspection by the STPS, with the aim to monitor the due payment of this benefit to workers, and at the same time, to advise employers on how to comply with this regulation.

The members of the Commission recalled that according to the Federal Labour Act, a worker who does not receive this benefit or is paid incompletely, has a period of one year from the day following the deadline, 30th May or June 29th, as applicable, to claim the distribution of profits.

They also reported the results achieved in 2014, as the issuance by the SAT of 150 thousand decisions on this matter, totaling 3,707 million pesos in benefit for the workers; the STPS made 8,000 visits to verify the payment of such important compensation, while the Federal Office for the Defence of Labour (PROFEDET) made 110 reconciliations and 31 judgments on the subject.