Growth, activity and equal economic opportunity are the objectives of the bill of economy Macron, which is still under consideration before the National Assembly.

An amendment to the bill for the growth and activity could establish the remuneration to the success of accounting provided they register in compliance with the rules of deontology.

The decree of 1945 prohibits compensation to the accounting professionals for a success fee, the order that governs the remuneration of “accounting professionals” features that offer members receive for all works falling within their remit, fees that are exclusive to any other remuneration.

The fees of accountants must be fair and just remuneration of labor Supplied as the service rendered.

Fees shall in no way beings calculate tough financial results obtained by Customers even if they are set freely depending on the importance of procedures to implement, difficult cases to treat, the expenses incurred as well as the reputation of the accountant.

The conditions are not yet known. However, the draft order will be subject to the “Chartered Accountants” and such special remuneration, should not affect the traditional missions- the accountant cannot refer to a regulatory scheme to fix his fees-.