The Mexican Tax institution, through the Tax Administration Service, reports an historic increase in the returns of income tax to taxpayers in 2014, both in amount and number of beneficiaries.

In 2014 more than 1 million returns were authorized, which involved the payment of 11,440 million pesos to 1.3 million taxpayers, who properly filed their annual return.

This figure represents an increase from year 2013 of 48% of taxpayers benefited, roughly 429 thousand; and 42% cash back, meaning 3.365 million pesos of increase.

It is worth noting that the returns were deposited in an average of five days for employees and within 12 days for all other individuals who filed their properly.

To make effective returns, taxpayers must submit in a timely manner its Annual Statement and apply personal deductions to which they are entitled: medical, hospital, dental expenses, interest on mortgage loans, donations to authorized institutions; and encouragement for tuition, among others.

In the SAT website taxpayers can see the full list of authorized deductions that will allow them to have the opportunity for a refund, when filing its Annual Statement that year.