Spain continues leading foreign investment in Peru, covering 20% of total investment. IN this context, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Peru invited Auxadi to participate with an opinion article in its November’s bulletin, for its implementation experience in the Latin country.

Victor Robledo, Country Manager of Auxadi’s Peruvian branch, draws a brief route of the evolution of Spain’s investment, from big corporations to the actual moment lead by small and medium companies and entrepreneurs.

Taking the example of Auxadi’s case, Robledo highlights that ‘counting on local allies who lead us in this first stage, as well as trusting professional firms can make the difference in our business journey’.

Considering the results obtained from a general perspective, the evaluation so far is positive. Nevertheless, achievements have not been exempted of obstacles and efforts. “Trusting a studied international business plan is our project’s base if our eye is in the long run, as well as counting with a demanding work team, who is the one who will exceed the client’s needs”, concludes the article.

Please, access the complete article here (page8)

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