Yesterday a group of 11 professionals from different areas of Auxadi participated in the third edition of Expokids, a fair to promote educational innovation and entrepreneurship. 1,500 students of 22 schools, small inventors between 10 and 16 years divided into teams, had the task of convincing potential investors with their projects. These potential partners were played by professionals working in different companies participating at the forum, like Auxadi, and were responsible for the evaluation and investment in the 3 finalists’ projects chosen by the jury. Communication skills, teamwork, innovation, merchandising and project viability, are some of the aspects that Auxadi awarded to participating teams. Winners were found not only among the students, Auxadi had also the chance to learn from the amazing creativity of the kids, as well as having the opportunity to reinforce team building and CSR philosophy among people who acted as volunteer partners. Quite an experience.