Private Equity: navigating challenges and opportunities in the new geopolitical climate

2022 may feel like a case of déjà-vu for many private equity investors, with those who had looked forward to capitalising on the numerous pent-up opportunities suppressed by Covid-19 emerging from the pandemic only to be faced with new economic uncertainty and a materially heightened risk environment. However, despite geopolitical uncertainty, the ongoing impact of the pandemic, high energy prices and growing inflation, the industry remains optimistic.

We recently surveyed a panel of 100 senior-level private equity fund managers to further understand the issues keeping investors up at night and identify the pockets of opportunity – both in terms of sectors and geographies – investors are most bullish on over the next few years, along with solutions for any challenges expected.

The report highlights the numerous opportunities that well-capitalised private equity firms are looking to capture over the coming period.

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90% of respondents showed that appetite for investment in consumer discretionary will be the most favourable sector in the coming five years


89% of respondents see Argentina as most attractive LATAM market, followed by Brazil (88%), Mexico (85%), Chile (82%) and Panama (80%)


92% of respondents describe the outlook for private equity funds investing in renewables to be positive


95% of respondents stated that investment in wind and solar is most likely, followed by hydro (83%), biomass (82%), wave (77%) and marine (75%)


93% of respondents said they plan to invest in the UK, and 75% stated the Middle East


97% of respondents said they outsource at least one element of their operations to a third party

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Private Equity: navigating challenges and opportunities in the new geopolitical climate