Collateral Loan Agent Services

Collateral Loan Agent Services

Arranging loan finance can be a complex and onerous task, particularly when looking at assets in global jurisdictions. Not only can trustworthy and experienced loan agents be hard to find, but undertaking the process of registering and holding the collateral in different global regulatory regimes can be challenging.

Sometimes known as a security agent, a collateral loan agent is the financial institution that holds the collateral on behalf of the lenders. The borrower (you) grants a security interest in the collateral to us and, on your behalf, we undertake all the required administrative and covenant-related actions to ensure the loan is administered and maintained correctly.

To make your life easier, Auxadi now offer collateral loan agency services throughout Latin America.

The perfect loan agency service for you

Businesses and corporations with LATAM-based subsidiaries need to engage banks (for syndicated loans) and private debt funds (for direct lending) to obtain liquidity. These often require you to pledge assets throughout LATAM to satisfy lender collateral requirements, regularly done using a local loan agent.

Your lenders need to feel confident that the agents you appoint to administer the transactions have the diligence and expertise to ensure the secured collateral is properly looked after and in accordance with local regimes.

Auxadi can help.

Our smooth and efficient loan agency business can help with pricing, deal mechanics, covenants, managing cash flows and transfers. We communicate on your behalf with the lenders, and ensure the loan is actively and accurately managed.

Auxadi’s Collateral Loan Agent Services will:

  • Reduce the time, risk and cost of underwriters and arrangers identifying and performing due diligence as a local sub agent in Latin America – we’ll register and hold the collateral locally in Latin America
  • Create efficiencies for registering and holding collateral through our local experience and knowledge of navigating the process in that local jurisdiction
  • Provide additional local expertise – we understand all the requirements of holding, perfecting the lien on the collateral and enforcement in the event of liquidation

We also work with expert partners who act as the master administrative agent for U.S. originated deals that include LATAM based collateral.

Servicing over 500 clients across 17 Latin American countries, we’re the experts on the ground in Latin America to arrange local counsel in the respective jurisdictions ready or when the collateral is pledged.

To find out how your business can benefit from our collateral loan agent services in Latin America, contact to our team today.

Let’s talk about exactly what you need, and how we can make your life easier.

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