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Events & Webinars Auxadi

Webinar: Tax and financial updates in LATAM: Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Practical information for companies that operate in or are seeking to expand to these countries  

Learn about the financial and tax considerations that must be taken into account when establishing in LATAM – specifically Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil – as well as the problems firms face in managing foreign currency risk.

  • Date: April 25th. Spanish: 16:00h; English: 17:30h
  • Organizer: Auxadi, New Momentum and Ipex
  • Language: Spanish and English

Webinar: Universal Time Card Registration. We present you with our online tool to comply with this new obligation*

Beginning in May, all workers in Spain will be required to register their daily work hours, and companies are required to keep detailed records for 4 years.  next-bs provides a simple, fast and reliable way to use technology to comply with this new regulation.

*This law will go into effect in Spain on May 12th, according to Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 of 8th March on Time Control.

  • Date: April 30th. Spanish: 16:00h; English: 17:30h
  • Organizer: Auxadi y next-bs
  • Language: Spanish and English

Webinar: Navigating Cross-Cultural Differences in Global Payroll. Global Payroll Week

Learn some of the common cultural challenges and boundaries that exist in conducting business across borders, how to mitigate them, and ensure collaboration.

  • Date: May 2nd , 2019. 9 AM – CST / 10 AM – EST
  • Organizer:  APA/GPMI
  • Language:  English

Discover here our history of events and webinars.

Webinar: New Colombian Finance Law. Effects on multinational companies and advantages for foreign investment

  • Date: April 11th
  • Organizer: Auxadi, Cámara de Comercio Hispano Colombiana and ProColombia.
  • Language: Spanish and English

Event: International Mobility: Tax insights and risks. International People Mobility Club

  • Date: April 11th , 2019
  • Organizer:  AON, Garrigues and Foro Recursos Humanos
  • Language:  Spanish
  • Date: March 28th
  • Organizer: Auxadi and New Momentum
  • Language: Spanish and English