Real estate: balancing new risks and opportunities in a changing investment landscape

It’s been a year of great geo-political volatility across the globe, and with the full impact of the global pandemic still yet to be realised, the real estate sector has experienced a lot of uncertainty. However, real estate managers have a positive outlook across all real estate strategies, with the majority believing that the fundraising climate is set to improve.

We recently surveyed a panel of 100 real estate fund managers and in our latest report, we address the issues faced by investment professionals and highlight the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Comparing results to our 2021 survey, the results showed that investors plan to largely continue their current focus, with a strong correlation between the sectors investors are already exposed to and those they expect to see the best performance in the coming years. With appetite for investment still high, it appears that investors are continuing their global hunt for opportunities, with deals in established markets being supplemented by opportunities further afield.

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70% of respondents are investing in central business district offices, followed by residential (65%), food-anchored and high street retail (45%)


61% of respondents said that the increased demand for reporting transparency and analysis will be most significant


40% of respondents believe that tech innovation has offered their firm greater operational efficiencies


94% of real estate investors said that they plan to invest in the renewable energy sector in the coming years


90% of respondents said they plan to invest in Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Austria) in the coming five years


82% of respondents currently outsource all or part of their accounting function

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Real Estate: navigating challenges and opportunities in the new geopolitical climate