Spain: great hope for renewables

Here, we provide useful data on renewable energy policies and opportunities in Spain. We look at regulatory rules, tax benefits and different support available for the renewable industry.

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If there is an opportunity in every crisis, Spain is a true reflection that the COVID-19 pandemic has left signs of hope; at least in the renewable energy sector. The Iberian country generated 109,269 GWh of renewable electricity in 2020, an 11.6% gain on the previous financial year. Renewable energy accounted for 43.6% of total energy generation in 2020. Other relevant milestones include the reduction of coal production by 60% (with approximately 5,064 GWh) which represents an annual historical minimum of production, with coal’s participation in the Spanish energy mix now sitting at just 2%.

The energy sector in Spain currently claims approximately 3% of total GDP, with EUR 10.5 billion currently coming from the renewables industry. Beyond its present achievements, however, Spain presents important opportunities for the future, having been define done of the most interesting countries in the sector and from where the cheapest energy in Europe could come from. With the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 in mind, tracked by Green Recovery Allianz, Spain has a clear roadmap in the form of its National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC). This pledges that almost three quarters of the total Spanish energy generation in 2030 will be from renewable origin.

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