The tax authority reports that from July 1st the new Unique Tax (RUT) or e-RUT will be available. It replaces the current document in plastic and seeks to simplify and facilitate the application process and the collection of the RUT certificate.

The new certificate is an electronic file obtained immediately via the web portal with no cost to the taxpayer. It should be noted that the process associated with the current plastic card has a cost associated with duplicates, which like the certificate, should be withdrawn at the offices of SII, so the new system means savings both in time and in money.

The new e-RUT,obtained in PDF format, can be printed and / or saved, and displayed by the user via cellular and mobile devices to be used in commercial transactions and / or procedures that require it.

The e-RUT is nominative for the taxpayer, whose data (name and RUT) will be also registered in the electronic document.

Anyone can verify the validity or validity of an e-RUT by visiting the website, entering the RUT taxpayer to consult and the serial number of its identity card.