The Finance Secretary from São Paulo has reported that from January 2017 onwards the free systems used for issuing Electronic Invoice (NF-e) and electronic bill of lading (CT-e) will be discontinued.

With the gradual process of joining the electronic document system, São Paulo State Treasury Office detected that most taxpayers have stopped using the free system of issuing invoices and instead have started using their own programs, either built-in or customized to their internal systems. In the market, many programs that generate the document can be found, some of them with free basic versions.

The free system that has been in use up to this moment was provided by the Finance Secretary on 2006 upon the start of the computerizing tax documents procedures and their online data transmission to ensure the mass usage of same. Despite the investments made, the recent survey of the Treasury Department shows that the total NF-e (electronic invoices) issued by companies that have opted for other systems add up 92.2%. In the case of CT-e, the number is even higher: 96.3%.

Taxpayers who intend to download the systems to issue NF-e and CT-e will receive information about the suspension. From January 1st 2017 the system will no longer be available for downloads.

The Finance Secretary recommends the users that have the application installed to migrate to their own electronic invoices issuing systems before the new regulation about the validation of NF-e and CT-e is implemented preventing the systems’ use.