The Labor Directorate (DT) established that the permit of five labor days given by companies to couples who marry also applies to couples who are united under the Agreement of Civil Union (AUC).

The resolution is contained in Opinion No. 2888 issued in May this year and released publicly on 31st of the same month by the administrative body responsible for interpreting labor legislation.

The statement was made in response to requests made by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) and the Equal Foundation for the DT reversed a previous opinion issued on 10 October 2015 concerning the enactment of Law No. 20,830 on AUC.

In that opinion the DT noted that the five legal days off did not apply to couples united by the AUC because Article 207a of the Labour Code, which addresses the issue had not been modified in the sense of expansion of the profit.

However, in this new pronouncement DT states that “marriage permission enshrined in Article 207 bis of the Code of Work -Built No. 20.764- Act applies to the worker granted by the Civil Union Agreement under Law No. 20,830″.

For this, the DT is supported that “the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination guarantee is guaranteed in the Constitution and laws”.