Under the law 4968/78 the October fifth of 2016, the Labor Authority established some details about the parental postnatal leave.

The first, defined that they are the people who have to care a minor, by a judge decision to be tutor or be under the personal care as measure of protection; or adoption, having a duration of twelve to eighteen weeks depending on the working choice without an increased in the number of days in case of adoption of more than a minor.

Also note, the parental postnatal leave may be granted since the judge decision, without a limit on the age of the child restricting their exercise.

The Labor Authority also clarify the worker, man or woman, whom has been granted the personal care or custody of a child have immunity immediately after of the judge decision, and it is also applicable in case of be married.

Finally, said that nursery and feeding right is not applicable when the adopted child has surpassed the age of two years.

Source: posted by Dirección del Trabajo Chile