There are at least three ways to complete the tax book. In this case, economic facts must be recorded which must be supported by documents and internal or external vouchers.

As provided for in Decree 2548 of December 2014, during the first 4 years of application of the new accounting frameworks under International Financial Reporting Standards, it will be necessary that the tax bases be obtained from a special accounting system, which would continue to conform to the standards Of Decrees 2649 and 2650 of 1993.

The tax book is one of the options established in Decree 2548 of 2014 for taxpayers to comply with financial statements under IFRS and, at the same time, accounting figures that serve for tax purposes.

The same Decree 2548 provided that the obligors should choose between having a system of records of differences or a tax book for the construction of such special accounts. With regard to this latter option, Article 4 of the Decree states:
“Article 4. Tax Book. Taxpayers obliged to keep accounts, may carry the Tax Book based on the provisions of article 2 of this Decree. Thus, all economic facts must be recorded in this book”.

In the tax book economic facts must be registered duly supported by documents and internal or external vouchers. The information contained therein must allow the identification of the third party with whom the transaction is carried out, as well as a clear and reliable knowledge of the transaction and the determination of taxes.

Those who choose to carry the tax book will not be required to carry the registration system mentioned by article 3 of Decree 2548. On the other hand, taxpayers obliged to keep accounts must comply with the provisions of paragraph 4 of article 4 of Law 1314 of 2009