Sunat informed that from 5,000 commercial establishments inspected on average last year, they found 12,377 workers were working outside payroll. Most of these employees work in industries such as clothing, restaurants and other services.

More than 14,000 establishments located in Metropolitan Lima, Callao and Cañete inspected by National Tax Administration (Sunat) in 2015, approximately 35% operate with unregistered workers in their books, the tax agency said.

In these mass actions, which involved more than 120 Sunat inspectors, they found 12,377 workers in 5,000 establishments on average, which work outside payroll. Most local visited by the tax agency are located in the districts of Lima, Santiago de Surco and Miraflores, and their main business activities are such as clothing, restaurants and other services.

The purpose of those inspections by Sunat was to contribute to formalize worker rights, leading to register workers in the T-Registration (Electronics Form – Job Information record. Also, Sunat wants to contrast those names against to the monthly statement lodged by the employers (PLAME).

In cases that are detected omissions contributions to Social Health Insurance (EsSalud) and Pensioners fund (ONP), employers will be forced to meet their obligations to social security.

For this year, as part of the Integrated Control Plan formalized by Sunat, it was scheduled to conduct 22,000 inspections throughout the country, until this March a total of 5,027 inspections was taken (2,805 in Lima Metropolitana). The main objective is to inspect sectors with higher levels of failure to correct its behavior regarding to workers´ obligations.