The regulatory agency began the parallel development of a number of steps to strengthen the control of VAT in order to reduce tax evasion in the declaration and payment of this tax.

The above strategies are designed on various gaps and default risks noncompliance that have been identified by integrating different databases, which has generated a first report at national level with info about noncompliance in the VAT taxpayer segments specifying this control activities using different classification criteria.

Among other initiatives, reinforcement is considered on the revisions of informal trade with modifications in the procedure for to guide control sectors and industries with greater propensity to operate in the informal sector and unlawfully.

In the other hand, it is overseeing the purchase and sale of cigarettes at different points in their supply chain, with special focus at establishment that would be selling false or genuine products, but not authorized by the health regulations in force.

Also, they are developing special audits to taxpayers who make purchases at supermarkets and similar shops and downgrade as expenses, exceeding the permitted margins or whose purchases are not directly related to the line of business.

Source: Posted by SII: Servicio de Impuestos Internos