Electronic bill has become a key for the modernization of business activity as it doesn’t only reduce the long payment periods, but also gains access to financing.

The statement of the use of electronic invoices is a reality in Peru. This year will integrate more than 30 thousand companies; a figure already includes the 12,326 companies that have been selected by the Sunat according to Efact general manager, Kenneth Bengtsson.

Since it was launched by Sunat in 2012 until last year, several companies of different sizes are implementing and issuing their bills electronically obtaining greater efficiency in their logistics and accounting processes, “said Kenneth Bengtsson.

Bengtsson said that in recent years, supporting the strategy of the Sunat of the obligation in the adoption of electronic invoicing, has been promoting the voluntary adoption through their benefits: efficiency and transparency, and voluntary adoption through added values such as access to financing.

“The negotiable bill allows to reduce long payment periods, and today thanks to the electronic invoice, it is not necessary to have a checkbook and a third paper copy, since you can annotate it directly to Cavali, the platform authorized by the SMV”said Kenneth.

He further noted that this year Sunat has added new documents issued electronically such as retention, perception, their abstracts and reference guides.
In Sunat webpage, you can find the list of Electronic Service Providers (PSE) authorized by that entity.