On April 6th, 2016, it was approved a draft bill that radically changes the Labor Code on collective bargaining, increasing very significantly the power of unions. However, this won’t be the last news we have about this bill.

Indeed, the same April 6th, opposition parliamentarians filed a request for unconstitutionality before the Constitutional Court (“TC”). It is expected for this claim to be resolved by the TC during this month or early May.

The main aspects of this project approved by Congress are:
a) Union ownership.
b) Outline of collective bargaining by branch.
c) Union membership benefits and extension.
d) Reduced duration of collective instruments.
e) Floor of collective bargaining.
f) Strike without replacement: towards effective shutdown.
g) Minimum services and emergency equipment.
h) Covenants on special conditions.
i) Entry into force and transitory determination of minimum equipment.