Last May 15th was the deadline for submitting applications to the incentive system (Royal Decree 404/2010, of 31st March and Order TIN / 1448/2010 of 2nd June) aimed at companies that have contributed effectively, with quantifiable investments in risk prevention to reduce workplace accidents, and have taken effective action in preventing work accidents and occupational diseases.

Depending on the volume of professional contribution, companies can be framed in the general form (if contribute more than 5,000 euro in the observation period) or small company (if have not contributed more than 5,000 euro in an observation period of up to 4 years and have reached the minimum of 250 euro).

Whenever companies meet the requirements in the rules mentioned, they could receive an amount which may be the lower of the following two:

– 5% of the professional contribution fees amount or 10% if the observation periods are consecutive and the incentive has been received in the immediately previous one.
– The amount of investments made in installations, processes and equipment that can eliminate or reduce the risks.

In the small company form, the top ceiling of the incentive (which may not exceed the professional contribution amount) will be 250 euro for the first period of observation, and 500 euro in the second and following if the incentive has been received in the immediately previous one.