From 11th March, Peruvian female employees are entitled to take a 98-day paid maternity leave. The resolution D.S. 002-2016-TR was published on 10/03/2016 in the official Peruvian newspaper ¨EL PERUANO¨, and extended maternity leave for female employees in Peru to 14 weeks (98 days) from the previous 90 days, just meeting the minimum maternity leave stipulated by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

This resolution modified the regulations of the Law N° 26644, which regulates the length of absence time during the pregnancy, adding 8 more days to the maternity leave.

Leave may be extended under special circumstances, if the employees give birth more than one child at the time, has the right to take 30 more days per each additional infant.

The resolution D.S. 002-2016-TR and the law N° 26444 were approved in order to align Peruvian maternity leave regulations to the International Labor Organization bureau.