The electronic signature system using digitized signature capture with biometric data was effective on April 25th following publication in the BOE the SEPE’s (Public Service of State Employment) resolution approved on April 6th.

In order to reduce the paper given the large volume of requests (more than 9 million in 2014), the SEPE has approved an alternative electronic form which includes the applicant’s signature graph with biometric data (spatial coordinates, speed and pressure stroke) captured at the time of signing. An authorized officer shall perform a prior identification between the signature and the applicant.

Citizens can use this system to interact in person with the SEPE to contribute access, confirm or modify any document submitted or made available according to the specific regulation of each procedure. The use to access to a general query of processing status is excluded.

The SEPE ensures an operation according to criteria of safety, proportionality, confidentiality (biometric data is not made available and will not be disclosed to individuals, entities or unauthorized processes), integrity (the signature has the SEPE’s electronic seal on the biometric data print) and authenticity (it should perform a calligraphic test which compares the captured signature and another signature of the same or different person).