One significant aspect of the tax strategy and competitiveness of a country is the network of double tax treaties that such country has entered into with other countries.

Said double tax treaties characterize by bilateral agreements which two countries agree upon in order to reduce or avoid the double taxation of income obtained in one country by a tax resident in the other country.

Until 2016 Portugal has established a significant network of 71 double tax treaties, from which 67 are already fully in force and the remaining 4 are already signed although pending to produce its legal effects.

The first double tax treaty entered into by Portugal and to be in force was with the United Kingdom on 20th of January of 1969. The double tax treaty entered into with Spain is dated 28th of June of 1995. France, Germany, Luxembourg, United States of America or Italy, are all countries with which Portugal has entered into double tax treaties.

The most recent double tax treaties established by Portugal (in 2016) were with Senegal and Georgia.

All double tax treaties entered into by Portugal foresee 0% or reduced taxation rates by means of withholding tax.