The tax authority has extended until August 31st, the deadline for submission of the Affidavit of Taxable Income Fund (FUT), as set out in Resolution N ° 51 dated 7th June 2016. It is recalled that the expiry of the declaration was 15th June this year.

The Affidavit No. 1925 must be to determine the actual income of taxpayers by completing accounting and balance sheets as of December 31 of the previous year keep accumulated income in any of the following: Taxable Income Fund (FUT) No Taxable Income Fund (FUNT) and Reinvested Income Fund (FUR). In addition, balances must report withdrawals in excess received from companies in which it participates.

They are also required to file a declaration, those fund managers investors, for the taxable and nontaxable income accumulated in each of the funds the investor managers, by filing a declaration by each fund, under the criteria outlined in the Exempt Resolution SII N ° 111 of December 24, 2015.