Since January 18th and until December 31st, 2016, hiring new employees in enterprises with less than 250 employees could benefit from a quarterly premium of 500€, during the first 2 years of the contract, i.e. €4,000 in total.

For which companies?

‘Recruitment in SMEs’ is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises of less than 250 employees, which will hire a new employee and will pay up to 1.3 times the minimum wage, regardless of their status (SA, associations, groups of entrepreneurs…).

What kind of engagement?

Financial aid is reserved for the hiring of an employee:

‣ CDI,
‣ CDD of 6 months and more,
‣ Transformation of CDD in CDI,
‣ Contract of professionalization of a duration not exceeding six months.

What is the amount of the premium?

The premium is paid at the end of each quarterly period, at the rate of €500 per quarter.
Contracts of at least two years duration, financial support comes to therefore €4,000.