Beginning this month, it be will considered the case of contribution by employees in multiple job-holding situations with maximum bases distribution, without any of the companies in which they are registered covering all contingencies. This contribution situation, TP2 (Moonlighting. Uncommon Protection), will be integrated into the settlement being transmitted, therefore, it must be communicated separately the contribution base or bases not affected by the distribution of the maximum. To do this, a new type of Peculiarity Contribution, “PEC 45 – Moonlighting with different exclusions”, has been created. Thus, the worker who is registered in the company affected with contribution exclusions will be identified with the Peculiarity “09 – exclusions” plus the corresponding code of the fraction of related quota (eg, in the case of counselor / administrator, who is unlisted to unemployment or FOGASA, PEC shall indicate – 09012) and in the other company in which moonlighting is found, it will be noted with peculiarity “45 – moonlighting with different exclusions” and the same code fraction fee (PEC – 45012 ), noting that this contingency is not appropriate to apply the maximum distribution.


The disappearance of SILCON certificate is scheduled for September 2016. The Law 15/2014 of 16 September streamlining the public sector and other administrative reform measures (BOE September 17) Article 24 establishes the obligation to admit only recognized certificates, in order to simplify the numerous certificates that exist to interact with the different administrations. In consequence and from that moment, in order to access the network, or Direct Network System SLD and the rest of the available services in Electronic Office among which it includes NOTES, those authorized may no longer use that SILCON certificate, and shall be identified with any of the digital certificates issued by certification authorities included in the website of the Social Security.