Auxadi becomes the first Spanish entity accredited by the ECA® certificate

Víctor M. Salamanca Carrasco, president of the firm, thanked the diploma in the event organized by the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA) to certify the Accredited Accounting Experts – ECA® individually and Auxadi, as the first Accredited Entity in Spain.

“Training in this profession is fundamental, to respond to the needs of a market where regulatory change is making our environment more unstable,” stated the president of Auxadi. A certificate that gives “reliability, transparency and honesty to the profession and to the sector”

For Auxadi, a company in expansion, “the certificate is vital to be able to operate in equal conditions” in any market and context. Víctor M. Salamanca Carrasco valued this event as a cornerstone for the regulation of the profession of accountant, still to develop in Spain.

Auxadi received the ECA® certificate as the first Accredited Entity in Spain, due to the expertise of its management partners. Precisely, in addition to the president himself, Victor M. Salamanca Carrasco and the CEO of the company, Víctor Salamanca Cuevas; other four members of the team were accredited as Accounting Experts – ECA®: Augusto Berutich, Rima Yousfan, Rosa María Gómez Cid and Laura Ballesteros.

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