Auxadi has become the first company in Spain to obtain the certification of ECA® accredited entity, awarded by the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA ) to those entities that justify high experience, knowledge and qualifications of its professionals in accounting and financial reporting. This achievement means a step further in identifying Auxadi as a professional company and leader, and it also certifies the value and capacity of its professionals.

The Accredited Accounting Expert-ECA® certification, created by AECA, aims to identify, with the utmost rigor, the highly qualified financial accounting and reporting professional, crediting his expert status.

Not having in Spain, as in other countries, professional associations of accountants, there was a need to certify the good practices of these professionals to offer customers the reliability and security they need in such sensitive issues as accounting obligations and tax of a company. For this reason, Auxadi requested and managed to obtain the certification Accredited Accounting Expert – ECA.

After this first step, in the current context where improvement of professional services in our country has been considered as a priority, Auxadi felt the need to certify not only its professionals, but also its experience as a company. Thus, Auxadi becomes the first company to obtain this certification statewide. In other countries exists the figure of the accountant expert, many of them members of the International team of Auxadi, whose recruitment is an essential requirement for Spanish companies that want to open their subsidiaries in these countries.

AECA’s Evaluation Committee has granted Auxadi this certification after finding merit and experience demonstrated during its career and with it, the firm adds value to their service quality.