The Commission of accounting standards has been questioned about the accounting treatment to be adopted by an association without purposes of profit (ASBL ABC) of them active that has acquired and has since to provision of an another ASBL (ASBL XYZ).

These assets are a transfer physical ASBL ABC in favor of the ASBL XYZ. At the end of his life economic, these assets are again transferred of the ASBL XYZ for the benefit of ASBL ABC. During the period of delivery, ASBL ABC not can undo is of these assets.

Moreover, the grants is attributed to the ASBL XYZ and paid to ASBL ABC for the funding of the investments in Active tangible of capital in question.
For the analysis that follows assume that ASBL ABC is subject to them provisions of the Royal Decree of 19 of December of 2003 (in forward: AR 19.12.2003).
Therefore, at the time of the granting of subsidies to the ASBL ABC are recognized as follows:

413 – Subsidies to receive 151 capital subsidies received in kind.

In the time of the perception of grants ASBL ABC is recognized as follows:

550 Entities of credit accounts running to 413 subsidies to receive

Then ASBL ABC carries out the acquisition of capital in question. Since ASBL ABC not has the use of these active, there is that post accounted for in it has 232 of other installations, machines and tooling.

After the acquisition the ASBL ABC is proceed to the transfer physical of goods of capital tangible to the ASBL XYZ. During the period of the provision, ASBL ABC will depreciate these capital goods during its useful life in the moment where the ASBL XYZ will proceed to the physical delivery of these tangible assets to ASBL ABC, the latter shall be responsible for any additional depreciation on these tangible assets when, due to alteration or changes in economic or technological circumstances, its value in books exceeds its value of use of the ASBL ABC.