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Registration of MSMEs companies

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Next 1/3/2017 the MSMEs Business Register will be created. It will be administered by the National Directorate of Programs and Projects, under the Ministry of Entrepreneurs and the Small and Medium Enterprise of the Ministry of Production.

Registration to the MSMEs Business Register may be requested at any time and must be done with a tax code through the service called “SMEs Application for Categorization and / or Tax Benefits”, available on the website of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue – Procedure provided by art. 2 bis, R. (USME) 24 / 2001-.

When the applicant company falls under the definition of micro, small or medium-sized enterprises, the National Program and Projects Department will register it in the Register of MSMEs Companies and issue the “MSMEs Certificate”, which must be downloaded through the platform Distance Procedures-approved by D. 1063 / 2016-.

The “MSMEs Certificate” will be in force from its issue until the last day of the third month after the closing of the fiscal year of the applicant company, being able to request the renewal from the first day of that month.

The Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and the Small and Medium Enterprise and the National Directorate of Programs and Projects will have the power to verify the information provided by the applicants and, in case of inconsistencies, they may cancel the corresponding registration, in which case they will decline the benefits granted or usufruct.

Those companies that are already categorized as MSMEs – within the framework of R. (USME) 24/2001 – will be automatically incorporated into the MSMEs Business Register and, in these cases, the “MSMEs Certificate” will be valid until 31 / 5/2017, and must be renewed from the first day of the third month following the close of its last business year.

Source: Estudio Eidelstein