XI Auxadi Charity Indoor Soccer Tournament

This year we will be raising funds to help the children of Fundación Aprender (“Learning Foundation”) receive the best specialized education and optimal facilities where they can learn and play. We have committed to match the amount of donations collected in the tournament with our own donation, doubling the amount raised!

In favour of:


All proceeds of the tournament and additional donations raised will go directly to Fundación Aprender.

Fundación Aprender is a private, non-profit institution, founded by a group of parents and teaching professionals to provide quality educational coverage to children affected by learning disorders (SPLs), such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit, and others.


Having suitable spaces for research, experimentation, and expression is essential for children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SPLs) to develop their skills and unlock their learning potential. Neurological development is also enhanced with tactile, physical, and social experience. Upon collaboration with school officials and completing an evaluation of needs, we have undertaken to renovate the laboratory classroom and outdoor education spaces at Colegio Brotmadrid.


9th – 14th Sept.

Mon-Thu: 19, 20, 21 y 22 h;
Fri: 19 y 20 h;
Sat: 10, 11 and 13 h.

32 Teams

Three phases:
Group phase, semifinal and final

€ 400

Team Donation to
Fundación Aprender.


Colegio Sagrados Corazones
C/ Martín de los Heros, 91

How can I participate?

To participate in the Tournament, teams submit a fee of 400€ which will be donated entirely to the Fundación Aprender.

Sign up your team
Donate € 400

What if I can´t play?

It’s all right; you can still participate! This initiative is open to anyone who wants to collaborate with their own grain of sand.

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