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More than 35 years of experience providing added value Outsourcing solutions

With more than 35 years working for Multinationals, Real Estate and Private Equity Funds, Auxadi is today´s leading company in added value Outsourcing services, in Europe & Latin America.

We are your Financial & Administrative Department

We became the Financial & Administrative Department of our clients, offering integrated Outsourcing solutions and helping them in their international expansion. Our goal is to make life easier for our clients, taking care of their Accounting, Reporting, Tax Compliance and Human Resources Management needs.

We guarantee consistency wherever we operate

Our working methods ensure consistency on execution wherever we operate, through a “One Stop Shop” solution. We also understand the importance of technology in our field, therefore we invest in developments to ensure flexible and efficient solutions for our clients, adapting to their needs.

We have a proven track record

Throughout its existence, Auxadi has won several awards and distinctions from partners and collaborating organizations.

Be special to be among the best

Discover in this video why in Auxadi we are special