Auxadi becomes a member of the MAPI (High International  Potential Brand) Club for the fourth year in a row. The Leading Brands of Spain Forum, within the support plan for companies that are committed to internationalization, believes that the firm continues to gather and boost the  established requirements to receive such accreditation: national competitive strength and commitment to internationalization and to the brand, .

The Club of High International Potential  Brands, created by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, is a select group of companies that are committed to internationalization as a way of business growth and who believe in the brand as a motor of competitiveness. Auxadi’s expansion strategy has led to the firm’s sustained growth and consolidation of its international vision, achieving in five years the opening of 12 offices and the operation in more than 50 countries. Merit for which Auxadi has become, once again, a High International Potential Brand.