XIII Auxadi Charity Football 7 Tournament

Auxadi organised the first Charity Football Tournament in 2008. We are proud that it has become an annual event, with participating companies making a financial donation of 400 euros, and we have been able to support some outstanding charitable organisations.

This year donations will go to Cruzada por los niños (Crusade for children) and Asociación de Apoyo al Pueblo Sirio (Association of Support to the Syrian People) to support their educational work with children in Ukraine and Syria – two countries immersed in conflicts that have caused the death and displacement of millions of people. We are very proud to support the important work of both organisations – they, like us, aim to make life easier.

You can participate in different ways: signing up your team, sponsoring the tournament or helping us to spread the word through social networks. You can also donate directly through migranodearena.org.

Do you want to join us in supporting these causes?

The Asociación de Apoyo al Pueblo Sirio – AAPS (Association of Support to the Syrian People) is a Spanish Non-Governmental Organisation that was established in 2011. Professional volunteers, trainees, and humanitarian action professionals dedicate their time and experience to support the Syrian population, which has been suffering for more than 11 years.

50% of all the donations from the Tournament will be donated to AAPS. We want to support their project to reduce the levels of marginalisation and exclusion of displaced children in northern Syria, allowing them to continue their education and improve their health and well-being.

Cruzada por los Niños (Crusade for Children) is a Non-Governmental Organisation created in 1995, which aims: to help, protect and educate the children and young people of the world, without distinction; to fight for the rights of women in disadvantaged areas, providing an integral education, without distinction of any kind; and to achieve the prosperity and well-being of the local population where the projects are carried out.

Cruzada por los niños will receive 50% of all donations raised from the Tournament, with the aim of supporting 12 Ukrainian refugee minors their Education Programme for the 2022-2023 school year. We will be able to cover the costs of uniforms, books, school fees and digital material for the 12 beneficiaries, as well as clothing, footwear, transport, food support and other activities during the first school term.


From 19 to 23 September



Unión Adarve
C/ Becerreá, 4


Artificial grass

How can I participate?

To participate in the Tournament, teams submit a fee of 400€ which will be donated entirely

What if I can´t play?

It’s all right; you can still participate! This initiative is open to anyone who wants to collaborate with their own grain of sand.

Auxadi’s Charity Tournament, a recognised and award-winning initiative

Auxadi’s work with the Charity Tournament has been recognised as a winner in the VIII and IX editions of the migranodearena.org Awards, which celebrates the best social crowdfunding campaigns, and where Auxadi was chosen as “Most Committed Company”.


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