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Payroll is one of the most sensible areas in every organization. When it gets to deal with payroll management at an international level, the project management takes an additional level of complexity.

At Auxadi, our specialists are committed with security and confidentially during this process. We are experts in payroll projects management and our teams are willing to work closely with your Human Resources Department on the correct direction to provide a personalized solution as per your needs.

Our payroll services

  • Gross to net calculations

  • Production and delivery of payslips

  • Social Security contributions

  • Management and coordination of monthly salaries

  • Expatriates’ management

  • Labour reviews (employees’ registrations, deregistrations, temporary disabilities, etc)

  • Dismissals and redundancies

  • Preparation and adaptation of contracts

  • Benefits and other compensations

More services

In Auxadi, we adapt our methodology, tools and organization to our client’s needs. We provide a global solution as if our consultants were part of your Administrative & Financial Department.

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